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Structural Strain Gage Testing

All Test & Inspection, Inc. conducts structural strain gage testing, hydraulic, and functional testing for original equipment manufacturers of cranes, Construction/Demolition equipment, Amusement rides, All Terrain equipment, and related equipment per SAE, ASME, ANSI, and other requirements

Structural testing verifies machinery design requirements and operational characteristics of existing or prototype equipment. Structural strain gage testing may identify material, design, or operational defects prior to equipment production.

Strain gage testing is real-time computerized recording of stress in the parent material of a structure while in a loaded condition. The purpose of testing is to record the actual level of stress present, and to identify those areas that may approach or exceed the accepted strength margins of the parent material.

All Test & Inspection, Inc. is equipped to record structural, mechanical, and hydraulic test data under static, steady-state, or dynamic conditions. Our strain gage data acquisition system with proprietary software can record up to 800 channels statically and 16 channels dynamically.


A quote detailing the estimated project cost for structural tests can be prepared once the scope of the tests and the required test conditions have been determined. Factors ultimately affecting the cost include test location, duration, materials, and associated expenses required for your project.

Structural Strain Gage Testing Structural Strain Gage Testing Structural Strain Gage testing

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